Tuesday, September 22, 2009

How to travel with only two bags


A recent Twitter exchange with Chris Brogan gave me the encouragement to write a post about how I travel and pack. I have given up checking bags when I travel. This is no easy feat as I often travel internationally for work. The challenge for me is having dressy clothes (shirts and ties), some casual clothes for after dinner networking, and all the electronic gear that I lug around. So how do I do it?

Bag Choice

I am a bag junkie. I have tried big bags, roller bags, duffel bags, and rolling trunks. Once I discovered onebag.com, however, I was a convert to bags made by Red Oxx. On any trip I will be found carrying two of their bags. I use the Air Boss and the Metro Briefcase. The Air Boss has three separate compartments and is designed to be packed in a unique fashion. The Metro Briefcase, while deceptively small, offers the protection and pockets I need to stow my laptop, some chargers, and other small gadgets. I also use some packing cubes by Eagle Creek to organize my electronic chargers.


The key to packing is coordination. I usually wear a travel sports jacket by Oscar de la Renta, and pack two pair of charcoal wool slacks. I pack three Paul Fredrick shirts along with the shirt I am wearing. My t-shirts are from Tilley Endurables as well as my socks. My underwear is from Eastern Mountain Sports. I do laundry in the sink at least twice during my trip and take advantage of the laundry service at the hotel. The two most important pieces of equipment I carry are my clothes line and Tide pocket laundry soap (although I find the hotel bar soap works just as well). Oh, I also use a micro fiber towel to help dry things.

So that's it. I can squeeze everything into these two bags. I am on the lookout for a better way to travel with chargers.

Has your luggage been lost? How do you manage?

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Martin said...

Great insights, I will definately try out some of the bags you mention.

Benjamin Strong said...

Thanks Martin. I updated the link to the clothes line. Seems Amazon is out of the product!

Judy Helfand said...

Good information. The luxury of business travel is that you usually only have to worry about your own packing, but with a family you need to "dictate" controlled packing. I started this about 25 years ago. One small carry-on bag for each person. That's it! You might remember that in those days the airlines did not like these fabric crushable bags, they did not want to be responsible for them. I received one of those sale promotion flyers from American Express offering a six-piece luggage set for $99. I'm not kidding. My husband said I was crazy, but then added "oh, well, if it self destructs after one trip who cares!" You will be happy to know we still have this luggage. A few hints...make a list, roll your clothes (this will keep them from wrinkling) and what you don't remember to pack you either don't need or can buy when you reach your destination! One more thing for the woman traveler...pick one color accessory to use with all clothes. For example, if all of your outfits look great with black shoes, then this will mean you can take just one black purse!

Benjamin Strong said...

Judy, Great advice! I haven't tried my advice when traveling with the family yet. I also subscribe to your "one color" method of dressing when I travel. I do switch up my tie though, to keep things colorful!