Friday, June 25, 2010

Why I won't pitch Chris Brogan

pitcher perfect?

You know Chris Brogan don't you?  He's the social web guru that is all over the interwebs with lots of interesting projects.  He's a pretty nice guy, maybe too nice.  He provides lots of interesting free content, some great stuff through his paid projects, and even more stuff through some of his lesser known projects.  But he's a guy just like me.  That's why I won't pitch him.

Occasionally Chris writes about his day.  He's in overdrive mode almost all the time.  He engages EVERYONE and makes the whole social web look easy, but he's working.  He has helped me and chances are he has helped you too.  Did you get an invoice?  I didn't.  That's another reason I won't pitch him.  Shucks, if anything I owe Chris Brogan money!

So the next time you get all snarky and think Mr. Brogan is being all high and mighty when he writes about trying to get a handle on his day remember this.  He is giving you- us- the tools we need to succeed in this space for free.  You want more?  You gotta pay.

This isn't a Brogan love fest.  If you understand the nature of what he does you can see the value he provides.  If you use the tools he provides, you can't help but succeed.  That alone is priceless.

Why won't I pitch Chris Brogan? Because I get so much more from him for free than I could ever give in return.  I don't have the bankroll to hire him full time, for a week, or even a day.  But I don't have to.  He routinely sends me things.  Thank you for being a friend, Chris, and for giving away such great stuff.

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Chris Brogan said...

It's a kind sentiment. I get pitched a lot. But the thing is, it's all in the doing.

You've built a relationship with me. I know about you. We've shared food. We've talked about this and that. You gave me some great travel advice that I still use (about rolling my clothes).

you COULD pitch me.

The people who usually pitch me? People who aren't all that into getting to know me.

Peter A. Stinson said...

Ben, you're always trying to pitch...


Benjamin Strong said...

Thanks Chris. There is so much value in what you do. I may not buy into everything, but I find value in lots what you provide and apply what I find most useful.

Thanks for helping us learn, and in turn learning with us along the way.

Benjamin Strong said...

Ha! I am always looking for the pitch. Learning to ask for the sale is the hardest thing in marketing. I may have even pitched you!