Saturday, December 11, 2010

Thank you Penelope

Several years ago I met a Boston Globe columnist name Penelope Trunk.  It was at a Publicity Club of New York luncheon that dealt with something about blogging.  I don't remember the details but I remember her passion about writing and blogging.  I took the bold step of sending her an email and discovered we had more in common than I imagined, like the fact we are both parents of special needs kids and we were both (at different times) at Ground Zero

We met a time or two for coffee, made small talk, have emailed back and forth and forged what I hope is a good friendship.  Recently I have asked her some questions about something important to me and she really showed just what a good friend she can be.  I appreciate her candor and am thankful she is my friend.  I wasn't sure how to show my appreciation (she knows a more personal way I'm trying to show it- not what you're thinking) but I thought saying it in this space would also be a nice way to share my thanks.  Want to know more about what Penelope does?  Check out her company Brazen Careerist or read her book (which she graciously let me read before it was published).

Thank you for being a good friend Penelope.  And Happy Birthday.

Photo credit: Fotolia

I did it

Some time ago I asked the question if I should run the Hartford Marathon or not and you are all probably wondering if I did it.  Well I'm proud to report that I did finish the Hartford Marathon in 5 hours 20 minutes and 8 seconds! Thanks to those of you that were wondering (all 7 of you) and thanks to my friends (including you John Wall) that supported me on Facebook and Twitter!

See you at the New York City Marathon in 2011! I received a guaranteed entry.